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Paper City Eats: Sláinte

Slanty? Shlaints? Nope. Sláinte.

Open patio, indoor dining, regular hours with a full dine-in and take out menu.

Named for the Gaelic, "Cheers," Sláinte is a Holyoke based fine dining restaurant. Perched on top of a hill with stunning views, Sláinte's been open since 2013. It has a huge banquet hall that before COVID could host up to 100 guests. With a large local tap selection which has adapted constantly throughout the pandemic, offering a Guinness enriched menu and changing daily ingredients and features.

What is Paper City Eats?

During the late 19th century the city produced an estimated 80% of the writing paper used in the United States, and was the largest paper, silk, and alpaca wool mills in the world. Although a considerably less businesses make paper in Holyoke now, it's still commonly referred to as "The Paper City."

This video series focuses on the Holyoke food scene and how you can best support our local restaurants, both now during the economic turmoil of COVID and when the world returns to normal.


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