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Paper City Eats: Avalon Lounge and Game Cafe

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

What is Paper City Eats?

During the late 19th century the city produced an estimated 80% of the writing paper used in the United States, and was the largest paper, silk, and alpaca wool mills in the world. Although a considerably less businesses make paper in Holyoke now, it's still commonly referred to as "The Paper City."

This video series focuses on the Holyoke food scene and how you can best support our local restaurants, both now during the economic turmoil of COVID and when the world returns to normal.

Avalon Lounge and Game Cafe

In this episode we visit Avalon Lounge and Game Cafe on Dwight Street in Holyoke. Avalon opened their doors right before the pandemic. Their business was built around gathering together as a community of gamers and adventurers. They offer a unique experience with a huge library of board games and roleplaying games to choose from. And their menu? Tasty. Their full bar? Even better.

"Our idea is to create a space where you can have interpersonal interactions and experiences. If you wanted to sit down with some friends, over a board game with some great food and drinks, and go back to your space after, that's fine. That's kind of the idea here." - Neal, Co-owner

Avalon strives to be a welcoming environment to all people, but especially for those unfamiliar with a game space and marginalized groups that may not feel welcome in traditional game spaces. The founders of the company have extensive experience in retail, food and bar service; and have one thing in common: a love of games.

They offer family fun and after school programs in the afternoon and cocktails and events for adults in the evening. They're now open for takeout and delivery!


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