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Blunt. Sentimental. And good at what I do. 

Western Massachusetts has always been my home, and I do everything I can to reinvest in it. I serve on the school board, and I’ve invested heavily in candidates and causes that bolster our community. I’m a Holyoker, born and raised, and I’ve happily connected people with beautiful homes in Hamden, Hampshire, and Franklin County since 2005. With each brokerage, I’ve been able to help people find the right financing, grants, and community funding they need to own. I’ve eagerly invested in my professional development, focusing on strong digital marketing for each listing.


I’m frank, but polished. I’m great at what I do and I will always give you my honest opinion. I’m a fierce advocate for your wants and needs in your new home; hiring me is like having a secret weapon you won’t want to keep secret.


Be honest: Do you dream of turnkey, or fantasize about DIY? Do you want a large garden or is yardwork the LAST thing you want to do?


As your realtor, I won’t let you lie to yourself. I’m not here to find you find a house, I’m here to find you a home.

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