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Fast Facts

My listings stay on-market for an average of just 5 days.

What makes me unique.

I. Handle. Everything. 

Need to pass your smoke detector inspection? I’ll buy your smoke detectors, install them, and schedule the inspection myself. I’ll coordinate open houses, video previews, and more. Need a team? I have a deep stack of tradespeople that I’m happy to connect you with, because getting yourself ready for sale is overwhelming even before you think of repairs. 


Want the quick list?

Moving trucks

Free moving trucks for those who have bought or sold a home through me. And if you’re a community non-profit? Even better. 

Pictures and Videos

At no cost to you, I’ll have a skilled photographer take listing photos as well as a teaser video to preview your home before listing. 


Paid ads

The market has been hot lately. We’re getting multiple bids at each open house. But everything has its season. In a buyer’s market,  at no cost to you, I’ll put out targeted paid ads on social media to keep you front-of-mind for prospective buyers. 


Sell without even listing

I’ve been in the field long enough that potential buyers ask me to keep my eyes open for them. Whether it’s for a waterfront property or a ranch in a specific school district, I have buyers in my back pocket. Sometimes, we can sell your house without even listing. Closing on a home sale can be stressful, but I make it fast and painless, and I’ll often get you that asking price.


Complimentary staging consultations

If you need it, I’ll make it happen. I work with great, local folks who will make sure your home is looking its best for open house. 

Community donation

Big or small, $100 of every commission goes to a community organization of your choice. 


Client education

What if you don’t know that you want to sell yet? Navigating selling your home and buying a new one simultaneously can be wicked confusing. Luckily, I represent clients doing this all the time! I’ll talk you through it all so you can make an informed choice. We’ll work together one of these days, and when that time comes, it’ll be the right time. 


Smoke detector inspections

I’ll say it again:I set up your smoke detectors, and replace broken ones at my own expense.And of course, I buy local. I schedule your inspection and I pay for it. Have you ever had a realtor do any of that


I’ll work with anyone

Access to housing is a human right, full stop. If you want a house, I’ll do everything I can to get you one.

Not just open houses:

Grand openings


By now you can tell I do things a little different. I make your open house a big reveal. During that week, you are the only client I’m focusing on. By now we’ve staged your home, taken pictures and videos, made the Facebook event, and listed your home on MLS. Unlike your typical open house, no one is allowed to see your home until the day of your “grand opening.”


Come for the house, stay for the happenings. Any restaurateur will tell you that a good menu and libations keep butts in seats longer; that means more time for your potential buyers to mull over the features of your home, while it is looking its absolute best. Before COVID, I’d been known to hire personal chefs to cater open houses with hors d'oeuvres. Holyoke Hummus has even sponsored a few! Since the pandemic, I provide the same great experience, but the food is to-go. 


These grand openings are a big deal. They show sellers how much interest there is in their property, and let buyers know that they have competition, leading to better offers. I bring my lenders with me and have gotten people pre-approved on the spot. 


My track record is stellar when it comes to turning those pre-approvals into closings.  We always have at least one offer by the end of my grand openings, even in the worst economies In a sellers’ market, my clients can expect multiple offers, often above asking price. 

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