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Paper City Eats: Fernandez Family Restaurant

What is Paper City Eats?

During the late 19th century the city produced an estimated 80% of the writing paper used in the United States, and was the largest paper, silk, and alpaca wool mills in the world. Although a considerably less businesses make paper in Holyoke now, it's still commonly referred to as "The Paper City."

This video series focuses on the Holyoke food scene and how you can best support our local restaurants, both now during the economic turmoil of COVID and when the world returns to normal.

Fernandez Family Restaurant

Fernandez Family Restaurant is in the heart of downtown Holyoke and beloved by the community. Fernandez had been a Holyoke staple since 1998 serving up all the flavors of Puerto Rico. Aida and her sister, Jackie are welcoming and wonderful. They recently took over running the restaurant from their father and look forward to adding new items to the menu!

"My family and I would like to say thank you to so much to everyone in the community who has taken the time to support us during this time. We're really all struggling right now [...] Right now we have a couple of dining room tables open." - Aida

They post daily to Facebook, showing specials. You can call in ahead to place orders and skip the line. They have weekly staples and daily specials. For examples, my favorite, meatloaf Mondays!

Whether you want fritters, empanadas, roast pork, shrimp salad, plantains, or mofongo balls, Fernandez is the place to be!


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