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Get to know Holyoke: Heritage State Park

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

I’m a Holyoker, born and raised.

Western Massachusetts has always been my home, and I do everything I can to reinvest in it. I serve on the school board, and I’ve invested heavily in candidates and causes that bolster our community. See one of my favorite parks!

This park is in the heart of downtown Holyoke, near the canals. It boasts a splash parks and playground for hot weather fun and a historic merry-go-round. It also has the stunning visitors' center and a the Volleyball Hall of Fame. Did you know Holyoke is where volleyball was invented? And if there wasn't enough family fun, there's also a children's museum.

Check out this promotional video for the Holyoke merry-go-round from 1995.

I hope to see you at this gem of a park in downtown Holyoke! Be sure to check out the upcoming Rotary Club Summer Concert Series and celebrate Holyoke late this summer!


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