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Words as sweet as pie: Pie Day 2017

Any way you slice it, I'm grateful for your referrals.

Each year, I host an annual Pie day celebration where I invite clients to join me for wine and pie. We eat, drink, and donate. That's right. Donate.

In the bright lit office, my clients gathered to eat locally made pie from Atkins Farms. November's Pie day is only one of the many days where I showcase how much I care about my clients. What makes it unique is that this is the day that I ask clients to pay it forward by bringing donations to a local food pantry. There's a palpable spirit of generosity.

Paying it forward, a few clients shared some kind words as well.

My experience with Erin was that she was very professional. She was very helpful, very knowledgeable. She had all the right connections to get our house sold.
She was great. We knew we wanted someone who knew the Holyoke area.
We loved working with Erin, you know? She helped us actually with selling our house and buying our new house. I feel like she knows everyone in Holyoke and who to talk through. We had a great advocate there.

Pie Day, 2017

Giving Thanks

Some words of thanks from good people with good hearts.

I'm thankful for community.
I'm thankful for my family, for my new development in the community.
I'm thankful for life, for my family, and for my pumpkin pie.


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