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Client Testimonials: Meghan

In a stroke of luck, Meghan and her family pulled up just as I was changing out the sign. While this was initially supposed to be a short social post of a sign change, I ended up being able to sit down with Meghan to film her thoughts on her home buying experience!

A sharp brick pathway, crisp blue shutters, and a large glass door greeted us. We entered to a stunning fireplace mirrored by sconces. Can you think of a better place to raise a family?

"Looking out this window, the second time we came to look at it, seeing my daughter and her friend play around... I looked out this window and I think that was the moment.
"Erin just helped to point me in the right direction and keep me going and keeping me positive, just helping me make decisions that I otherwise wouldn't be able to on my own. When issues came up, she handled it from start to finish. Asked for my input when it was needed.
"She's probably one of the most passionate people I know and she takes everything to heart. It's almost as if she was buying the home too [...] The process had an impact on her too.
"The minute I walked through the door, it just felt like home."

Thank you, THANK YOU for your kind words. In every sale I feel like a collaborator, not a boss, not a servant, but a true collaborator in the process. I care about where you end up and I'm grateful that you ended up in a home that was truly perfect for you.


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