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Updated: Apr 13, 2021

After over 30 years of renting, they could finally own

Heidi and her partner Taylor had been renting for over 30 years, thinking that they would never be able to own a home. That was until Heidi's best friend, Rebecca, referred her to me.

No matter what budget, I want to work with you. Access to housing is a human right (that's why I co-founded Buy Holyoke Now) and I work hard to educate my clients on every program available to them. From first time homebuyer classes to interest free renovation loans, I know what programs are out there. It was through these programs that I was able to help Heidi and Taylor close on this adorable home with a three season porch and comfortable back yard.

Heidi, one of Erin's clients, poses in front of a small one floor white house with a charity check for the Holyoke Knights Basketball team
Heidi with the infamous GIANT check

Transitions Academy

Without a doubt, Heidi attributed her closing to Rebecca, her friend for life. So when it came time to pick an organization to donate to (every time I help someone sell or buy a home, no matter how big or small, I donate $100 to a charity or organization of the client's choosing), Heidi made her donation in honor of her friend.

Rebecca is a proud Holyoke resident and an all around amazing human. She's raised three children, two of who have special needs and attended Transitions Academy, a Holyoke school that supports children leaving school until they're 21.

The Holyoke Transitions Academy is designed to prepare students, ages 18-22 years old with disabilities, for their change in status from a student to an emergent adult. Transition Specialists works closely with students, family, and teams to understand the student’s vision. They focus on various facets of life including employment, post-secondary education (i.e. functional academics, college, training) maintaining a home, involvement in the community as individually appropriate and enhancing satisfactory social and personal relationships. It's one of the many programs that makes me proud of my city.

So when Rebecca was asked who we should make the address the check to, without skipping a beat, she said the basketball team at Transitions Academy, the Holyoke Unified Basketball Team. This year, thanks to this donation, the team will be boasting brand new sweatshirts, a first for the team!

"Because of your donation, for the first time ever, the Unified Basketball Team is getting sweatshirts. This is a very special group of kids. Thank you!!!" - Rebecca

Us Holyokers bleed purple for our local schools. With quarantine, teens are already struggling. I'm grateful to make their year brighter in anyway I can.

When you're ready to buy or sell your home, who will you donate to?

A text message from a client that shows a picture of the local high school team. The text reads: "Because of your donation, for the first time ever, the Unified Basketball Team is getting sweatshirts. This is a very special group of kids. Thank you!!!"
A text from Rebecca


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