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Holyoke's Blooming Gardening Community

One Year Anniversary

I've spent some time reflecting on this past May and the families who I connected with homes. But there's more than just real estate that's made me smile.

This May marked the one year anniversary of my Facebook page, Garden's of Holyoke.

Nurturing Life during a Global Pandemic

I've gardened for years and loved volunteering at local community plots. I loved connecting with senior gardeners who's experiences spanned decades. Unlike other hobby groups where people keep their secretes tight to their chest, fellow gardeners seem to be unconditionally welcoming. People grow plants for all sorts of reasons, beauty, food, the environment, to repel bugs. And whether people garden casually, as a profession, or as part of a collective, in my experience, the gardening community unites over the shared goal of ensuring that everyone's plants thrive.

Last year, in the early onset of the pandemic when the world seemed so closed off. I wanted to see something positive. During a time when community gardens suddenly felt like a dangerous place to gather, I facilitated an online community of locals where floral and vegetable gardeners could share pictures, ask advice, share knowledge, trade clippings, and enjoy the beauty of the gardens of Holyoke! It's over 800 members strong with one of the most engaged!

This year, we discussed the possibility of collectively adopting a traffic island so we can nurture a community and share beauty around town.

I shared some of the gardening work from my previous home and updates as I establish new flower beds at my new home. (Also, a shout out to Dickinson Farm & Greenhouse on State St in Granby, MA where I bought some stunning hanging baskets!)

After a year inside, I feel the life blooming around me. I can't wait to see what the summer has in store! If you're feeling energized and ready for a change in your life, please don't hesitate to contact me about buying or selling your home.


Backing the rallying cry of "Save the bees!" countless folks shared pictures of their favorite pollinators and tips for keeping them healthy, happy, and flourishing. These buzzing yellow friends have long been threatened by colony collapse, but fortunately Montague local Ang Roell has been breading more bio diverse and adaptive bees. Even better is that they offer tours of their farm where guests can learn the basics of bee keeping and even purchase honey!

Garden Opening

Western MA is filled with so many stunning gardens. One of my favorite Holyoke gardens is the rose gardens of Wistariahurst. Joining Wistariahurst and the countless other parks and greenspaces Holyoke has to offer is this brand new garden that's being opened to the public this weekend at the corner of Pine and Dwight Street! While you're in the area, check out the work Nuestras Raices is doing to keep urban gardening alive and well! (due to the pandemic, all visitors for Nuestras Raices have to make an appointment in advance)


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