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Hampshire Happenings: Thornes Marketplace


Resting in the heart of downtown Northampton across from the rainbow crosswalk, Thornes Marketplace is an assemblage of twenty-five locally owned shops. Northampton is known for resisting corporate chains and bolstering small, locally owned business, a mission and value I share.

25 Central, Cedar Chest, Cornucopia, Acme Surplus, Paul and Elizabeths, and more. They have an eclectic mix of clothing boutiques, home decor, fine dining and so much more. With 25 places to explore there is always more to discover.

Here's a few featured in the video!

25 Central

25 Central is a cute clothing boutique that sells fashionable women's clothes. They aim to be unique with a focus on memorable details and designs.

*Update: in 2021, 25 Central has relocated to a different space on Main Street in Northampton, a stone's throw from their old location!

Cedar Chest

Oven mitts, plant seeds, bird themed puzzle books, and more. From tea towels to clothing, Cedar Chest offers countless high end, often eco friendly items for purchase.

Acme Surplus

Name brands and not-so-name-brands at discount prices. Acme Surplus is bargains galore and has been in the basement of Thornes for years. They're a well known community staple that sells both the mundane to bizarre.

Paul and Elizabeth's

A feel good and large restaurant specialized in vegan and vegetarian food. Their menu is vast and makes American classics more adaptive for diet restrictions, though it'd be a disservice to pigeon hole their meals to one inspiration. Their food is filling and delicious and leaves you satisfied and full. They source their ingredients locally and focus on a freshness that is hard to beat.

Of course, if none of these tickle your fancy, you can always check our their cafe, chocolate shop, or book store. While you're at it, indulge yourself in a massage.

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