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Hampshire Happenings: Board & Brush

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

What is Hampshire Happenings?

Have you ever moved into a new town and felt like a stranger? Just bought a house and are unaware of what the local community has to offer?

My new online series, "Hampshire Happenings," chronicles all this area has to offer. It's dedicated to providing fun, informative episodes of local happenings in Northampton, Massachusetts and surrounding areas. Subscribe to my channel, and turn on notifications, to make sure you don't miss a single episode!

Board & Brush

In this week's episode I visited Board & Brush located in South Hadley, MA. Founded in 2015, Board & Brush Creative Studio makes it their goal to turn you into a “DIY master” by educating you to understand and appreciate the beauty of raw materials—the wood, the knots, the color variations and the simple imperfections that will make your project unique.

I had SO MUCH FUN honing in on my passion for décor & DIY projects!​


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